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The Sikkens Sample Service is an easy service to make the choice of colour easier.

Sikkens Samples is moving into the future

It is currently not possible to order Sikkens Samples. We need some time to realize the switch.

Keep an eye on the website for more information

See you in 2021!

Our Samples
Order your colour samples online
Order your Swatches easily, simply and quickly via this website.

A large number of color samples from Sikkens Bouwverven is on this website. We offer colours from the following collections:
5051 Color Concept,
White range,
Greys range,
to RAL,

The larger surface area (DIN A5) makes it clearer to estimate how your design will look. The samples are perforated, allowing you to keep your own color range in a binder or to create your fandeck.


Pre-paid packages
Do you need samples reguarly?
Economical packages for frequent users

Do you need regularly or a bigger amount of different color samples? Our packages offer a lower price. All prices are excluding VAT and no order or shipping costs will be charged. The packages have a no limited validity.